A Birch Sap Cocktail

It was one of those moments for us as a young brand – should we play it safe on April Fools Day, and do nothing, or do we have a little fun?

It was nothing outrageous. At 6:30 am on the 1st April, we put up a very plausible, short blog post announcing our desire to create a legendary cocktail. The Birch Sap Cocktail.

A cocktail that over time Snowdonia would become famous for.

At its heart was a delicious blend of Forager’s Gin, Welsh dry white wine and a sublime sweetness owing to locally tapped birch sap!

Birch Sap. Ok so it’s edible, sweet and naturally rich (according to Bear Grylls) – but would people really believe that it’s a plausible ingredient in a cocktail? Was it really believable that top hotels, bars and restaurants in Snowdonia would start stocking birch sap?

Well we asked you all for a name for this new cocktail and boy you responded. Not only did we get bombarded with names, our friends at the High Street Deli (Newtown, Mid Wales) went as far as to put us in contact with an amazing company – Foraged Fine Foods – whose owner, Liz, was actually out tapping birch sap from her trees that very day.

So what started out as a little April Fools joke might actually work!

Owing to the incredible response from our followers, friends and fans, we’re now trying to make contact with Liz from Foraged Fine Foods (foragedfinefoods.com) to see if she will kindly spare a little of her birch sap syrup.

And who knows, maybe this will be it – the legendary cocktail Snowdonia has been waiting for. It certainly has the story!