Batch 11 Forager’s Gin Yellow Label

As we sit down to write these tasting notes, the dark stormy sky that has loomed over head all morning, gives way to that low-lying sun that skims over the small hills and ridges that surround our distillery.

It’s cold but beautiful. It’s days like this that make us acutely aware of just how privileged we are to live and work in a place like this. Even more so that we can translate the beauty of this area into a bottle.

Chris Marshall, Co-Founder & Owner.

Tasting notes batch #011

This batch was sat sleeping over Christmas. But Christmas this year was warm in North Wales: a balmy 13oC.

Smell: On the nose there are warm, soft spicy tones – almost earthy notes – that invite you to delve deeper. Give Forager’s a minute to rest in the glass, and the vapors warm, you detect that beautiful smell of hand-foraged gorse flower emerging. A smell reminiscent of spring, when it was foraged from a hillside just a few miles from the distillery.

Taste (neat: 44%): The warmth of the spirit dances around the mouth, still incredibly smooth, and is accompanied by those familiar, deep juniper notes, before giving way to a sweet-floral undercurrent that develops in the mouth as the gin warms further.

Taste (with water 1:1 ratio): With water, the spirit’s heat is vastly reduced. The smoothness remains, and those delicate juniper notes of Forager’s Yellow Label are prolonged. The slightly lowered ambient temperatures of the distillery during these winter months develop a richer, deeper flavor than the warmer, summer batches, that seem sweeter and more floral.

Taste (with 3 parts BTW Tonic to 1 part Forager’s). Forager’s Yellow Label Gin was always distilled with the Gin & Tonic in mind. Using a tonic such as BTW that doesn’t add too much sweetness or bitterness, further develops the natural sweeter tones of the gin, breaking apart those stunning soft floral notes of gorse and heather flowers.

Our Gin’s are not homogeneous products. They change subtly in each batch, reflecting the changes in nature. We like that. It’s Natural.