Cocktail Collaborations

At Snowdonia Distillery we’re renowned for handcrafting incredible spirits that reflect Snowdonia.

But for those of you that have managed to find our pop-up cocktail bar at various festivals and events we’ve got a growing reputation for serving a mighty fine cocktail too.

With Autumn / Winter 2016 now upon us – and The Beaumaris Food Fest this coming weekend (10th & 11th September 2016) we though this would be the perfect time to revamp our cocktail list.

So somewhere in between distilling, foraging and bottling we’ve been experimenting with new flavours to perfectly pair with our spirits. In amongst the mix is also a few local collaborations – like The Horseshoe, and The Providero Espresso Martini.

Anyway, whether you’re able to come and meet around our bar while sipping away at an awesome cocktail, or if you’re planning on creating these at home – here they are.  Enjoy.

1. The Orchardman

The Orchardman is the first of our hot cocktails: inspired by the impending cold, wet and possibly windy days that will now be battering us UK dwellers. So hunker down with one of these and spirits will be lifted (every pun intended).

To make this, we’ve used a 35ml helping of our amazing Forager’s Gin Yellow Label, blended this up with a dash of Cinnamon Syrup, before topping up a 6oz cup with hot, freshly pressed apple juice. Stunning. The perfect winter warmer.

To make one 6oz Orchardman:

35ml Forager’s Gin Yellow Label
15ml Cinnamon Syrup
175ml Hot, freshly pressed apple juice

Serve in a tumbler or cup with a clove-studded slice of apple.

2. Sweet Aubrey

While we’re generally turning our Cocktail list towards the impending winter weather, we don’t think you can ever go wrong with a Prosecco and Forager’s gin Yellow Label cocktail in your hand. Classy. Elegant. Delicious.

This cocktail is all about bring the natural sweetness of Yellow Label to the fore. Enhancing those tantalising elderberry and apple notes.

To make his cocktail, you’ll want to get a cocktail shaker with a little ice. Place 35ml of Forager’s Yellow Label Gin with around 12.5ml of a good, natural, elderflower syrup. Shake it up, chilling this mix right down. Strain off into a champagne flute and top up with a super crisp prosecco.

Incredible, Stunning, Addictive are only some of the words used by people to describe this combination.

To make, use a champagne flute:

35ml Forager’s Gin Yellow Label
12.5ml Elderflower Syrup
Top up with Prosecco

No garnish is really needed for this super elegant cocktail, but if you want to up the citrus notes on a hot day, garnish with a lemon twist.

3. Gin & Tonic

OK so a Gin & Tonic is not really a cocktail: it’s a long drink. But it’s a classic, and so whether technically a cocktail or not, it deserves being made well, and in turn a place in this list.

Following the launch of Black Label on 2nd September, we’ll now be serving this in two ways:

Forager’s Yellow Label & Tonic: Forager’s Yellow Label was specifically designed to craft the perfect summer Gin & Tonic invoking stunning fresh, semi-sweet notes with a soft floral finish stemming from foraged gorse and heather flower.

So if you want a Gin & Tonic that will instantly transport back to sunnier climes this autumn / winter use Forager’s Yellow Label Gin, with BTW tonic, and a slice of red apple.

Forager’s Black Label Gin & Tonic – Black Label is described affectionately in the distillery as Forager’s Yellow Label’s evil twin brother. In many respects this is absolutely right. Stripping out the freshness and floral notes, and upping the abv to 46%, Black label Gin delivers a super clean, super crisp taste profile.

So to create perhaps the most elegant Gin & Tonic the world has ever seen, use Forager’s Black Label Gin, BTW Tonic and a couple of juniper berries to garnish.

Both for the Forager’s Yellow Label & Tonic and Forager’s Black Label Gin & Tonic, we recommend using BTW Tonic water, with a 1 part gin to 4 part tonic ratio, and plenty of ice.

4. Providero Espresso Martini

We first launched our epic version of this iconic cocktail, the Espresso Martini, at our World Gin Day party at an awesome little coffee house in Llandudno called Providero. They’re still there handcrafting awesome coffee.

The incorporation of their ‘House Blend’ coffee was no accident. Along the way we played with so many coffees to make the perfect espresso martini, but return to the super smooth Providero House Blend as our go to for this cocktail. Hence its name. The Providero Espresso Martini.

This super, perfectly roasted coffee – roasted by Heartland coffee, Llandudno – brings perfect balance and viscosity to our Espresso Martinis.

To make it, we fill a Boston shaker with ice. Load in 50ml of cold Espresso, 50ml of Vodka and a high quality Coffee Liqueur.

Shake this to the point of no return: it’s the key to an incredible espresso martini. We then strain into a Martini Glass and top with two or three coffee beans.

Whether it’s the afternoon or middle of the night this is awesome.

5. The Horseshoe

New to the list, and another local collaboration, this is our first cocktail creation using beer. We’ve called it The Horseshoe.

Combining a stunning blonde beer from local Wild Horse Brewery, we’ve taken a Tom Collins, stripped out the soda and replaced this with Wild Horse Brewery’s Buckskin blonde – a larger-ale hybrid delivering a clean, crisp, zesty finish.

Using 35ml Forager’s Yellow Label Gin, high quality sugar syrup, and freshly squeezed lemon juice, we’ve then top this up with Wild Horse Brewery’s Buckskin Blonde. Serve in a 8oz glass.

6. Gin Gin Mule

A staple behind our bar now – this fiery fresh cocktail, combining a fiery ginger beer and fresh mint works perfectly with Forager’s Yellow Label Gin.

To make, use a Manhattan shaker with ice, three or four good young mint leaves, 35ml Forager’s gin and give it two or three good shakes. This will break up the mint releasing those incredible flavors into the cocktail.

Pour the ice, Forager’s Yellow Label and mint straight into an 8oz tumbler and top up with a firey Ginger Beer.

Serve with a straw, so you don’t get the bashed mint in your teeth!

7. Gin Martini

Both of our gins, Yellow Label and Black Label are so so super smooth that they are perfect for a super dry Gin Martini.

All you have to decide is if you like your Gin Martini super crisp (Black Label) or a little more delicate with floral flavours in there (Yellow Label).

Our ‘House’ style is to let the Gin do the talking, making them with a ratio of 1 part vermouth to 6 part Gin chilled down to sub-arctic levels with plenty of ice, before straining into a Martini Glass.

8. The Ascent

Another newbie on the list, The Ascent, brings the incredible flavours of chilled pressed apple juice with Forager’s Black label Gin and Creme de Cassis.

To make, stir 35ml Forager’s Black label Gin, with the 20ml of a good Creme de Cassis over ice, before adding in 70ml of fresh pressed apple. Serve in a champagne flute.