Forager’s Gin: Black Label

At Snowdonia Distillery every single bottle of gin is important.

We hand forage the finest ingredients and hand fill, hand label and individually number each and every bottle of our incredible handcrafted gins.

As Snowdonia Distillery celebrates its first year, our principles are powerfully restated in our second small batch spirit: Forager’s Black Label.

Forager’s Gin: Black Label is launched

This masterpiece of distilling is the perfect balance between just two botanicals. As renowned French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupery once said:

Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away

We have stripped out the fresh and floral notes woven into Forager’s Yellow Label Gin to handcraft the smoothest of super clean gins. By using just two local botanicals, juniper and sea buckthorn, we have delivered the perfectly balanced Black label, a celebration of smoothness and crispness.

Why Black Label?

Quite simply, our spirits reflect our home: Snowdonia. Black Label is named after ‘The blackcliff’ (Clogwyn du’r Arddu in Welsh) is an impressive – ominous even – cliff which guards the northern slopes of Snowdon itself:

Although many British cliffs are bigger than Clogwyn du’r Arddu, none can match its compelling lure .. few have its pervasive, brooding atmosphere, or its finely balanced rock architecture

Creating the perfect balance between just two botanicals takes time. It takes dedication and patience to produce a gin as beautifully balanced as Blackcliff.

But that is the Snowdonia Distillery way.

Never rush. Never cut corners. Never compromise.

We know that “beautiful things come in small batches”. We only ever make small batches of incredible spirits. Production of Forager’s Black Label will be limited to just 50 batches a year, as it is with .

Our first batch of Forager’s Black Label gin will be put into production on the 7th September – our first birthday. Bottled at a premium strength of 46%, this exceptional gin takes 6 weeks to craft, longer than we expect it to take customers to have reserved each and every bottle of the first 100-bottle batch.

Despite its strength, the smoothness and viscosity of Forager’s Black Label Gin means it can be sipped straight, mixed in a martini or classic cocktail or enjoyed at the heart of the most refined of Gin & Tonics. Priced at just £48 per bottle, Black Label is an essential addition to every gin enthusiast’s collection.

Forager’s Black Label Gin is a handcrafted, perfectly balanced gin, a celebration of smoothness and crispness for the most special of occasions.