Forager’s Black Label (Mountain Strength) Gin

The keen eyed Forager’s Fans among you may have heard rumors flying around over the past few months that we’re to release an over-proof version of our epic Forager’s Black Label Gin. Well it’s true. And it will be known as Forager’s Black Label Mountain Strength Gin. Here’s its fascinating story.

Forager’s Black Label Gin (Mountain Strength) to be released for the first time on World Gin Day 2017

The idea was to take a super-premium gin to the finest possible point. Spare no expense in it’s development, it’s flavors or styling. Craft something that not only tasted incredible, and made the best drinks, but would be treasured by those who own it. Truly savored and the pinnacle of any gin collection.

Set to launch on World Gin Day, June 10th 2017, and price tag of £120 per bottle (700ml), Forager’s Black Label Mountain Strength Gin is about bold flavors, the finest hand-foraged botanicals, and of course the pure mountain waters from the hills of Snowdonia. Beautiful styled, it will be presented in a crafted oak case, creating a rare, super-elegant gin which will see it’s annual production limited to just 50 bottles per year.

So which botanicals do we use?

Those of you familiar with Black Label will know that at it’s heart, it’s the alchemy of two stunning hand foraged botanicals: juniper and sea buckthorn. It’s these same two botanicals from which our regular Black Label Gin derives it’s stunning depth of flavor and buttery smoothness that it’s now renowned for among gin fans. This is all increased in Mountain Strength.

Our aim was to create an elegant gin with bold flavors that could evolve on the palate as you sip it, stand up in any cocktails, and be the talk of the night.

But Why Mountain Strength?

Well, it’s tradition in the Gin world that ‘over-proof’ gins, or at least those of 57% abv and above, are termed ‘Navy Strength’.

But this beautiful corner of Britain, although on the coast, isn’t renowned for it’s Navy – so we’ve been a little reluctant to append this term to this fabulous gin. Forager’s Gin speaks of rugged untamed landscapes and some of the most beautiful mountains in the world. It seemed fitting therefore to coin a new term. One more befitting of Forager’s Gin and it’s providence and ethos. Bottled at 61.8% abv, that term will be known as ‘Mountain Strength’.


Many over-proof gins are harsh. This is different. The natural viscosity and smoothness which can be detected in our regular Forager’s Black label is enhanced in Mountain Strength. This all stems from the use of some of the finest waters and botanicals, a six week long maceration period, and slow distillation cycles to capture delicate flavors. Some things can not be rushed.

The result is gin with a beautiful juniper-rich start, a gentle citrus under current and super smooth, buttery mouth feel. The great juniper depth, and natural salinity from the inclusion of Sea Buckthorn give this gin a finely balanced and beautifully long finish.


After working with our designers and bottle printers, we embarked on an ambitious presentation plan to see the iconic ‘Forager’s Gin map’ (which wraps around every Forager’s bottle) printed in a real silver print for Mountain Strength. Using real silver adds to it’s elegance, and gently hints to the quality of the spirit sitting inside bottle.

With annual production limited to just 50 bottles, each purchase comes with a certificate of authenticity, recording the bottling year, batch number, bottle number and signed off by the distillery owner, Chris Marshall.

The final touch, and to ensure that this precious gin can be stored for years to come as the pride of any collection, each bottles comes in a beautifully crafted oak presentation case.

It’s taken us 9 months of development to get to this point. But it’s nearly time to release the 2017 bottles of Forager Black Label Mountain Strength.