It’s bottling day. Batch #008 Foragers Yellow Label

The day has arrived. It’s time. Forager’s Gin Yellow label, Batch #008, is ready for bottling.

With the Snowdonian autumnal morning-sun beaming through our distillery’s widows, we thought we’d complete the tasting of this batch and tell you a little bit about it. So here it is:

Aroma: On the nose, batch #008 instantly releases incredible floral sweetness, with a light, but detectable, warm-spicy undercurrent.

Taste: A beautiful initial warmth leads gently into super-smooth juniper notes, piggybacking on those sweet, fresh tones we detected in the aroma. As the spirit warms, soft floral notes of gorse flower and heather come to the fore: perfectly balancing with the initial juniper and sweet-freshness.

Texture: The viscosity of Forager’s is always incredible. This batch is no different. You can sense it in your mouth, see it on the walls of the glass, or even feel if you rub a little between two fingers.

Savour: Well what do we need to say? Simply sit back and enjoy this one with close friends.

With the tasting notes done. We’re off to bottle this one up. Head over to the distillery store to purchase yours.