Snowdonia Distillery: Our Story

Over 100 years ago, a distillery located in Snowdonia made some of the worlds best Whisky.

To do this, they took full advantage of the amazingly pure, soft, waters that flowed down from the mountains.

Despite the quality of what they did, the temperance movement caused their venture to be short lived.

But these waters didn’t disappear. They’ve kept flowing.

Snowdonia Distillery Swp Bach

Located in the beautiful foothills of Snowdonia, we handcraft tiny batches of world-class spirits. Starting with Gin. Forager’s Gin.

We’re small. In Welsh we’d describe ourselves as ‘Swp Bach’ – small-batch. That’s important to us. It speaks of our artisan process – a process that makes our spirits so incredibly smooth and bursting with flavor.

Scale is everything to us.

Too many amazing businesses have started out small, only to become über popular and lose sight of what they’re about as they scale up production. Finally their product suffers. That just isn’t us.

Our distillery will always be small but perfectly formed. We had it specially designed and made that way. At maximum capacity, we can only handcraft 200 bottles per batch.

Limiting production capacity might sound like a crazy idea – it certainly would to an economist. But we’re not economists thankfully, we’re atrisans. Keeping things small means we can give our spirits the time and attention they so richly deserve.

If we produced 20,000 bottles per batch, even 2,000 per batch, the quality would suffer. So we don’t. And we won’t.