The Tasting Sessions

It’s about getting people together. Finding some amazing venues and sharing our passion, our craft, our spirits and our story.

That was the original idea behind our Tasting Sessions:

Keep it informal. Have a great time. And give a handful of our biggest fans, an intimate, behind-the-senses first-ever taste of our Gin – way before anyone else can get their hands on it. Way before it’s avalible to buy in the shops.

We wanted these small events to be great fun. After all it’s something to celebrate when you’re setting up the first distillery in North Wales for 115 years.

22nd April 2016 sees it commence. Great Orme Brewery Bar, Llandudno. A Gin night in a brewery!

This is just the start.

We’re now working on arranging some more evenings in some more incredible locations. From a Gin Martini evenings in a small artisan coffee shop, to a gin tasting menu in an award wining restaurant by the sea.

It’s quite amazing what we’ve planned. But then that’s the whole idea. We love our craft. And that should shine through in everything we do.

More details will follow.