We don’t make a rum (yet)

We don’t make a rum yet, but when we do, we’ll definitely be taking a leaf out of this Master Distiller’s book.

troyroberts_seistakeyrum_nov_web Picture: Master Distiller, Troy Roberts at Drum Circle Distilling.

We recently sent our co-founder and distiller, Chris Marshall, out to a tiny little artisan distillery in the US: Florida to be precise. Why? To meet Troy Roberts, the Master Distiller behind Siesta Key Rum.

While their rum’s incredible sweet butterscotch notes might not have reached the UK shores just yet, Siesta Key Rum is certainly on rum-world’s map. If not at the top.

Set up in 2007, Drum Circle Distilling now hand crafts a full range of award-winning rums, from their classic gold rum, through to toasted coconut rum which one industry magazine herald as the coconut rum that will “raise the bar for all coconut rums”.

Their secret?

Simple. At it’s heart it’s the same as ours: Take your time, and don’t cut corners.


Troy explained that unlike the majority of rums produced, Siesta Key rum does not use a single drop of ‘natural flavourings’. The rum industries dirty little secret.

Instead, they spend time, and money, to source the finest of real ingredients. From the highest quality molasses, to high-grade oak barrels and amazing quality, real, spices. Sure this costs a lot more, but, like us, it speaks of Troy’s commitment to handcrafting the finest of spirits.

Sure ingredients are important. They are after all the source of the incredible flavours and contribute to the characteristics of a spirit. But ingredients by themselves are not enough. Siesta Key rum’s fine ingredients bill is then combined with Troy’s commitment to detail: through all stages of the process – fermentation, maturation, and distillation. The result is incredible. The result is Siesta Key Rum.

After taste testing their full range, including a couple of experimental banana rums they have in R&D, it was clear to see why the judges at the 2015 Rummy awards stated that this distillery had now set the bar for Rum’s around the world. An incredible achievement: a testament to hard work and a commitment to quality.

With special thanks to Troy Roberts and Drum Circle Distilling, Florida, US.



To find out more about Siesta Key Rum visit http://www.drumcircledistilling.com/drum-circle-distilling.html