Welcome: Forager’s Reserve. Soon.

We’re also delighted to announce the final addition to our Forager’s Gin range: Forager’s Reserve. An oak-aged beauty with a rich depth of spice and our signature smoothness. The word ‘awesome’
gets bandied around too much but, in all honesty, this deserves it.

After seven long months and no fewer than 57 test formulations, we’re gearing up to unleash this oak-aged Gin. The final installment in the main Forager’s range. Over the past 9 months, the distillery team has spent countless hours experimenting with different types of oak, different maturation times and infusions before finally settling on ex-Oloroso Sherry oak to age this expression.

Oak adds an extra dimension to the flavour: a rich depth of spice and sweet honey notes which perfectly balance the powerful taste of juniper.

We’ve not fixed on a launch date yet, but keep your eyes peeled for further announcements.